Google Ads & Bing Ads PPC Management

Get a Powerful Lead Generation Process and Increase Your Sales

With Convert Web Traffic, you get:

  • Custom landing pages designed specifically to convert your pay-per-click traffic
  • Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing certified account manager dedicated to learning your business and improving your online ad campaigns
  • Full transparency. You’ll have full access to your accounts and reporting 24/7
  • No long-term contracts. You’re free to cancel at any time and for any reason


"I talked with the guys at Convert Web Traffic and they dove right in. They studied the market and even talked with my sales staff to find out out what motivates my customers.

After a few weeks, I could tell the lead quality was getting better and better. I was talking with more people that were ready to buy... And my costs went way down. Within 4 months, my average lead cost was down over 60%! I can’t recommend these fellas enough.”

Randy Eaton Owner, Regional Financial Group

Increase your conversion rates with highly targeted ads and kick ass landing pages

We’ll research your business to create highly relevant ads and landing pages that resonate well with your target audience.

Then we’ll A/B test our ideas to discover what increases your return the most. What’s A/B testing? Well, it goes something like this…

We’ll send half of your traffic to one landing page (A) and the other half to another landing page (B). Then we review the test to see which landing page performed better. Then we keep the winning page and test it against a newly created page.

A/B testing will be applied to your ads as well.

End result: smart, continuous testing will make you more money.

What you’ll get with Convert Web Traffic PPC Management

Landing pages that convert

Send your PPC traffic to custom landing pages optimized to increase your conversion rates.

Experienced management

Your PPC account will be managed by our consultants who are not only experienced with AdWords and Bing, but also have in-depth knowledge of conversion rate optimization.

Accurate conversion tracking

We’ll set up tracking so that you’ll know your return on investment. We’ll track your leads no matter where they come from – forms, phone calls, or both. You’ll finally have easy-to-read analytics to guide your marketing decisions.

Full transparency

There’s nothing to hide. You’ll have full access to all of your accounts and reporting at all times.

No long-term contracts

You’re free to end our partnership for any reason, any time – though we might cry! Our clients stay with us because we’re getting them results.

Clear communication

You’ll receive clear updates on the status of your PPC campaigns and what we plan to do next. If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer you.

More good things you’ll get with our PPC and landing page management

  • Competitor analysis
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Negative keyword updates
  • Quality score optimization
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Conversion tracking
  • Bid optimization
  • Day parting analysis
  • Goal setup
  • Heat maps
  • Click maps


What’s your pricing?
Our premiums services start at $950/mth, due at the beginning of the period. Your business is unique so we’ll need to have a quick chat to discuss your goals and needs before we can get you a quote.

Any contracts?
Nope. We prefer to treat our clients so well that they don’t want to leave 🙂 

How do I cancel?
Simple. Call us and we’ll prorate the bill. If we owe you, you’ll get a check within 2 weeks.

Do I own the account?
Yes, you own the PPC accounts and you’ll always have full access. If you’d like to own the landing pages as well, we can include them in your quote.

You won’t work with my competitors, right?
Right. You’ll get an exclusive territory for your products and services.

How do I get performance updates?
You’ll have 24/7 access to online reporting and we’ll set up periodic meetings to review the account with you. And hey…you can call us at any time. We’re a friendly bunch!

Let's talk about how we can make your PPC campaigns more profitable